Actually I brought my son to visit my sister for her birthday and she does this show on FOX as well called “New Girl” (c)

The truth is, you couldn’t kill me.

Lagertha | Vikings, 2.08 Boneless

Moira Queen’s Last Words.


"The soul of being a parent is making sure that your children have a bright future."


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#sorry i have to reblog this again #i just noticed #look at the completely different expressions in the two gifs #in the first one steve’s like ‘hey i got some peanuts they’re nice maybe she wants nice peanuts as well’ #so he hands them to her with the most genuinely sweet expression on his face #because he actually thinks she might enjoy the peanuts #not because he wants her attention #and then in the second one she just turns him down without saying a word and he feels so bad about annoying her #he just doesn’t understand why she’s mad at him #but he feels sorry anyway and then he gets a little sad #and so do i


that paranoid moment when you feel like everyone hates you, and everything you do is wrong. & you’re worthless


Joan Crawford and Fred Astaire on break from filming Dancing Lady, 1933

If you had a sword in real life, what would you name it?